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Citric Acid


Citric Acid | 100% Anhydrous | Fine | GMO Free | BP/FCC Food Grade

Citric Acid is a natural, weak organic acid that is found in many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus. Citric Acid has a sour flavour, preservative quality, and ability to act as a pH buffer. For these reasons, Citric Acid is found on the ingredient list of many food products today. It is the most widely used organic acidulate across all industries. Citric Acid has various uses including making Bath Bombs, descaling different household items such as kettles and shower heads and it can also be used as a water softener.

    Product information: 

    10kg Bag - Shipped as 2 x 5kg Bags 

    15kg Bag - Shipped as 3 x 5kg Bags 

    20kg Bag - Shipped as 4 x 5kg Bags 

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