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Blue Antifreeze & Coolant



What is Antifreeze and what is it used for?

Blue Antifreeze is a general purpose antifreeze, based on Silicate and Nitrate Inhibitor Technology, it is a Nitrite, Alcohol, Amine and Phosphate free MEG based antifreeze and summer coolant that provides maintenance free protection against freezing and boiling but also gives excellent corrosion protection in cooling systems when mixed with the appropriate amount of water.

Blue Antifreeze is conformable to British Standard BS 6580:1992 and BS 6580:2010
Blue Antifreeze has a 2 Year Long life Protection.

Meets exacting quality standard BS 6580:1992 and BS 6580:2010.

Product information: 

10L Jerry Can - Shipped as 5L x 2

15L Jerry Can - Shipped as 5L x 3 

20L Jerry Can - Shipped as 5L x 4 


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