High Strength White Vinegar


Our High Strength White Vinegar makes a great cleaning product, it leaves no harsh smells behind whilst being powerful enough to remove strong odours.

To remove grease and stubborn stains - mix 2 tablespoons of Sodium Bicarbonate with 1 tablespoon of Vinegar to form a foaming mix. Apply to a damp cloth and clean. This combination helps break down tough stains.

Floor/window cleaner - Combine 2 parts Vinegar with 1 part water to make a solution for disinfecting the floors when mopping. With the same combination of mixture, pour the solution in a spray bottle for glass surfaces to wipe clean with a streak-free finish.

Surface cleaner - The Vinegar can be used as a surface cleaner after food preparation as it is a natural disinfectant, just pour a mixture of 2 parts Vinegar and 1 part water into a spray bottle and use as required. The solution will also remove unpleasant odours.

Contents: 20% Acetic Acid 


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